OPEN LETTER 4th Railway Package vote


Subject: 4th Railway Package vote
Dear Mr. Simpson, Dear Chair,

You have just adopted today, with a comfortable majority, the 6 legislative resolutions of the 4th Railway Package. Your results will be a very sound basis for informal trilogue negotiations with the Council and the Commission, but also to prepare the European Parliament’s plenary vote in next February 2014.

In the last weeks, you have been under tremendous pressure from various lobbies. ERFA has always

respected the various opinions that coexist amongst you and would like to congratulate you for having

succeeded to integrate them in harmonious and workable compromises.

As you know, ERFA is in favour of the separation model. We still believe that you seriously took into

consideration the interest of alternative operators, allowing them to coexist in a fair and transparent

environment with the incumbent operators.

We also want to congratulate you for having resisted far more powerful lobbies than ours.

ERFA encourages you to keep the momentum by starting the trilogues on each legislative resolution.

ERFA will do its best to convince the Greek Presidency, not only to support a Council general approach on the new ERA regulation, but also to launch negotiations on the governance pillar in order to have at least a progress report under their Presidency and before the European elections.

You declared that we would experience a Super Tuesdays. We will support the Parliament to get a

plenary vote. We are wishing you relaxing holidays and a very successful new year!

With our best regards,

Franciose Coart