Our Mission (English)

Railway undertakings independent from former state monopolist Deutsche Bahn deliver in Germany more than 50 percent of rail freight transport. Currently almost 80 of these railway undertaking are members of our association Netzwerk Europäischer Eisenbahnen (NEE/„Network of European Railways“), representing approximately 80-85 percent of the rail freight volume of all independent train operators. At the same time, we want to help achieve the German and European climate protection goals.

The objectives of Netzwerk Europäischer Eisenbahnen are:

  • achieving the best conditions for fair competition in the railway sector by supporting or initiating non-discriminatory rules for infrastructure use, power and fuel supply, international transport and legal framework;
  • explaining the importance of railways to the public;
  • representing the interests of its members vis-à-vis politics, authorities, industry and suppliers;
  • supporting the exchange of best practices between members;
  • promoting cooperation between members.

We want to push the shift of freight from road to climate-friendly rail. That is why we are also committed to strengthening the competitiveness of rail freight compared to road freight.

Our members cooperate for example…

... in emergency management since 2014 by nationwide assistance in case of defective rolling stock or other irregularities (more details - German only);

… with the help of an interactive map of Europe, showing the locations of cooperating companies for workshop or fuel services;

... mutual assistance in case train drivers have to acquire the necessary specific knowledge of railway routes new to them.